Upcoming Weekend

By Lauren

Tomorrow we will be reunited with our friend and Starbucks coworker, Kat Shermack. Kat is visiting us for 10 days in Costa Rica! Christina and I are super excited to see her and travel with her for the next two weekends. This weekend, we’ll be heading to Monteverde, a small town in Puntarenas renowned for its cloud forest. We have all sorts of nature things planned, so check back after the weekend for a rundown!

After Monteverde, Kat will be travelling through Costa Rica on her own for the week, and will reunite with us in Puerto Viejo next Saturday for some sunshine and surfing. After the second weekend, Kat will sadly head back to Canada but we are hoping to persuade her to guest write about her week on our blog. Kat is studying journalism in Toronto and is kind of funny and creative (shhh don’t tell her). You can check out one of her recent articles for xoJane here:


Happy Thursday!



3 responses to “Upcoming Weekend

    • Hi Kat!! This i s the Faja of one Lauren Janelle Lewthwaite. I hope you guys have lots of fun together and protect each other from mysterious men of Spanish persuasion. Try not to take too many bus rides unless you brought a gas mask. Take care and have fun! Mark Lewthwaite.

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