About Us


Christina Campo

My name is Christina Campo and I am a 20-something abroad! I’m currently finishing up my B.A. in French-English Translation with an internship at a translation company in San Jose, Costa Rica. I come from a family of all-inclusive resort enthusiasts. I used to like them too, but a school trip to Ecuador when I was 18 changed my view of travelling. I speak English, French and Italian and am trying really hard to learn Spanish. My favourite travel memories include snorkelling with sharks in the Galapagos Islands, jumping off a bridge in British Columbia, eating Brie at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and recently, learning to surf in Costa Rica. My goals when travelling include being in the water as much as possible, learning languages, trying every sport, eating all of the food, and acquiring sweet jewellery. In the near future I hope to travel to Southeast Asia, Australia and Italy (again).


Lauren Lewthwaite

I’m Lauren and I’m a 20-something abroad. 22 to be exact. I’m just about to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in French-Spanish-English translation, which is a mouthful and basically means that I can translate from French and Spanish into English (according to the University of Ottawa). I am currently finishing up my last credit by doing a 3 month translation internship in Costa Rica. The end is near! Afterwards, I might go back to school for publishing or get a real person job and start hacking away at that tuition debt. For the meantime, I’m living in Costa Rica for 3 months with Christina, and this is blog is a compilation of our experiences, tips, struggles, and adventures. Enjoy!



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